Accepted Papers

Yanqing Zhang, Oskar Juhlin, Ylva Fernaeus, Cristine Sundbom:

‘Outfit-centric Accessory’ Design in Mobile Innovation- Wrinkle Phone Collection

Angharad Thomas:

Design, sustainability, fashion and Welsh textiles

Lucy E. Dunne:

Sustainability, Consumption, and Pleasure in Dress: Encouraging Sustainable Consumption Through the Smart

Douglas Atkinson & Jennifer Ballie:

Near Field Communications, Far Reaching Impact: digitally enabled collaborative consumption and lifecycle analysis of garments

Andrea Marshall & Jennifer A. Rode:

ClosetClique: Exploring Sustainability & Fashion

Lucy Hughes, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Douglas Atkinson, Sharon Baurley:

Crowdsourcing Emotional & Tactile Garment Perceptions

Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio & Leslie Carolina Ramos:

An Apple a Day…

Philip Delamore & Simon Thorogood:

The New Fashion Backcloth: New Horizons & Emerging Directions

Odette Valentine & Sharon Baurley:

Fashioning ‘Conspicuous Creation’ – switching & stitching for more meaningful & enduring wearable technology

Yanqing Zhang, Cristine Sundbom, Oskar Juhlin, Ylva Fernaeus:

Fashion as inspirational source for the design of sustainable mobile interactions

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